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It's time to step into your Feminine Power
It starts by healing your wounded feminine!
Womb With Me

A programme to help you step into your feminine power. 

Do you feel called to step into your feminine power?


Would you feel more aligned if you balanced your masculine and feminine?

Do you wish you could love your moon instead of dread it?

Do you want to develop better relationships?

What would it feel like to truly BE you?

If you answered yes to any of these then this is the journey for you!

To feel comfortable in your skin, you need to be able to feel yourself in your body.


Cultivating a relationship with your body and knowing how you feel are the cornerstones to freedom!


This will guide you back to feeling connected to yourself, inspired to live the reality you choose!!

Your womb is your human intuition, once she awakens your feminine has no where to hide
This programme is for you if...

You felt shame or guilt around having your first period

You experience sister wounding

You have a voice but don’t use it

You feel unworthy of love

The word pleasure scares you


Speak out your womb trauma.

Rewire your brain.



Be witnessed by other sisters, and witness yourself


Use the energy of your womb space to connect above and below

Image by Dainis Graveris


When we know how we feel, we can open our heart and dive deeper into our womb


You have your own unique flavour use it to become the leader of your life, embody her.

Mary-Ann Illing Speaker and Embodiment Mentor

Hellooo Sister...

We live in a noisy world, yet we are silenced in it!! I am here to tell you, I’m on a mission to change that!!

After a long battle with postnatal depression, (in silence) I rose up to be the woman I am today. It began when I stepped out of victimhood and stopped blaming the world for my reality!!


l began taking action, at a time when my husband and I were flat broke. I did it anyway even through I didn’t know how.

You have a choice to live a different reality. I chose to go back to school and completed my honours degree in psychology. I dived into the field of trauma. 

I held space for human beings who needed to be seen, heard and felt. While I loved witnessing this incredible transformation I was called to move in a different direction.

I became a red tent facilitator, holding space for women on a deeper level. I had experienced a disconnect with my daughter from postnatal depression and the work of the feminine healed the divide between us. 

Embodied dance was how I built a relationship with my body and the somatic processes opened my heart to truly feel, allowing me to express myself unapologetically. 

Feeling comfortable in my skin has empowered me to stand in my truth, no matter what the outside world projects onto me!!

I have forged a path of freedom for myself which enables me to create the reality I want to live in!!

The Journey...

Week 1 - 2: Hear me


In this week you learn that your cycle relates to your energy. You stop tapping into how you experience yourself energetically within your menstrual cycle. You begin to understand the colour of your bleed, why you cycle under a specific moon and why your flow is heavy or light. I introduce you to heart womb breath a way to speak to your womb so that you can understand your unique cycle. 


In week 2 you uncover your womb trauma and begin healing this wound by speaking it out with your sisters in circle.


Week 3: See me


You are guided in the beauty of acceptance and releasing your cycle as a ritual. You begin to see the power of your cycle and how she can you heal. Through this work you begin witnessing your womb waking up, it’s time to activate her magic.


Week 4 - 7: Feel me


It’s time to feel to the earth below, and the sky above through your womb. Know when to ground, know when to let Spirit lead. 


Understanding is the next step to truly acknowledging your healing process, we explain why your bleed is sacred. You move into a deeper understanding of your cycle and share your healing journey with your sisters in circle.


The balance of masculine and feminine is a dance to freedom. We look at your feminine and masculine and feel where you need balance and discover the medicine you need.


Most of the wisdom is shared in order to  integrate you learn the life cycles and additional practises that will guide you back to your womb.


Week 8 - 9 : Touch me


Be able to perform your own moon ceremonies and meet yourself in your red tent. We meet different parts of us that make up who we are, our old self, our present and future self guide you on a journey to meet who you are and who you are to become.


Pleasure is a word that scares due to lack of education. I feel thats why understanding energy is important. To understand what you are working with you can understand why your body feels the way it does. It’s time to share how you feel about what you have learnt with your sisters. 

Week 10 -12: Taste me


The story and journey of the divine feminine, what does it mean to become a feminine leader in the world, and in your world. 


Every day you will experience different feminine energy and embody her so that you can recognise the feeling and physical sensation associated with that form of leadership. You will unlock and activate her codes and express her fully. 


The path of the rose is a sisterhood, one we consciously choose. We understand her meaning and welcome you to join the path. We use forgiveness, self acceptance and love to reclaim your womb space now that you have seen, heard, felt, touched and tasted her.



  • 5 Additional Monthly circles (9 in total)

  • Private support within the Facebook Group

  • Downloadable PDF’s to save and refer back to whenever you need

"Mary-Ann has been a huge part of my spiritual journey! I'm more in touch with my intuition and how it feels to follow it. I am able to notice my triggers and I now have a variety of tools to help myself navigate any uncomfortable emotions.


I have cleared limiting beliefs and know how to get rid of anything still holding me back from living the life that I want."

Wilma Woods - Physiotherapist

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