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Self-Study Creations

Welcome to our self-study creations where you can experience magical transformations at your own pace.  You have lifetime access so you can revisit whenever you feel inspired to use them.


Awaken the Goddess Within

Your body is a temple inside it are codes that you can activate and awaken!


Your feminine power lies within the goddess who already lives inside you, but you so often feel like you need permission to access her!

Within her lies freedom, fulfillment, and many other gifts that she is waiting to bless you with!⁣
So, let’s rise together and call her in, in this very special Dance Ritual. Collectively we will open you up, clear your energy and then allow her to bestow her magical gifts upon you. These gifts will be embodied inside of you! The energy will be a part of you, and we will be adding magic to the collective.⁣
This experience is for any woman who feels ready to access and walk in their feminine power. This experience is for any woman who is tired of the old way and ready to rise to be the speaker of her life!

Awaken the Goddess Within for only $14

Womb Space Activation

The energy of creation, life force lies within our womb space. This womb activation is to awaken and shift stuck energy that lies within you.


This practice awakens the energy in your womb space, when we shift our energy we shift our reality. Your womb wants to connect to you, she wants to speak through you.


Allow yourself the time and space to awaken, transform and transmute this life force energy.

Womb space activation

Through Mary-Ann's practices I learnt things about myself I was ignoring. I became more aware, more conscious. It's a work in progress but once you realise what you capable of and what you know already. That's when the journey starts."

Zeni Meiring - Copywriter and blogger

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