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Experience Mai Collective

The New Earth energy is here to stay!!! It is all changing quickly and rapidly, we are feeling it on a physical and energetic level.


As we all feel this shift, the world needs you to rise like never before!!! Your sisters need you to rise, your brothers need you to rise, the planet needs you to rise. Do not sit in your darkness when your light has the ability to transform the world!


These experiences have been designed to show you how to own your story, yet shift your energy so you can shine your light!

You are the magic - one-to-one coaching

You are the Magic

It’s time to reclaim your truth so that you can heal yourself. Your energy is unique to you which means the most powerful healer in your life is YOU.


I have designed this package to give you what you need in this present moment I simply facilitate the process. 

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Womb with me group programme

Womb with Me

An intimate 9-month group embodiment journey with your womb so that you can start a process of healing, accepting and understanding who YOU are in your human form.

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Awaken the goddess within

Awaken the Goddess Within

Let’s rise together and call her in, in this very special Dance Ritual. Collectively we will open you up, clear your energy and then allow her to bestow her magical gifts upon you.

This experience is for any woman who feels ready to access and walk in their feminine power.

Online experience to be held on 29 May 2021 at 09:00 (GMT+2)

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Get your ritual on course

Get your Ritual On

This program is about creating a ritual for yourself.


By creating rituals we create energetic shifts and feel more connected.


They give us meaning and purpose.

We use them to action our energy and integrate our community.

Building powerful energy to help guide and support us.


This 3-week self-study journey will support you in bringing this into your life and allowing you to embody the rituals that align with you most.

All for only $27


Womb Space Activation

The energy of creation, life force lies within our womb space. This womb activation is to awaken and shift stuck energy that lies within you.


This practice awakens the energy in your womb space, when we shift our energy we shift our reality. Your womb wants to connect to you, she wants to speak through you.


Allow yourself the time and space to awaken, transform and transmute this life force energy.

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Join our Facebook community

This is a sacred space where we stand together as a sisterhood to support each other on our journey. This is a community built to empower you, with the magic you need to feel ALIVE!

I am here to hold space for you to fully embrace your magic! Together we will raise the vibration of this planet for future generations to come!


This group is for you if:

  • your body seeks to desire

  • your mind yearns for clarity

  • your soul seeks inspiration

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