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EVERY women has the right to be SEEN

EVERY women has the right to be HEARD

EVERY women has the right to be FELT

This programme is for you if you...

Carry the burden of guilt and shame

Feel you are not confident enough to fulfill your dreams and goals

Find yourself doing what others expect you to do

Think that you don’t believe in yourself enough

If fear is a common word in your vocabulary 

To feel safe in your skin is not a luxury
it’s your birthright
This programme can help you..

Stop the story loop that’s holding you back

Communicate how you feel to others

Accept yourself 

Put in healthy boundaries

Build confidence so that you can step into your power

Free yourself from approval and judgement

To feel comfortable in your skin, you need to be able to feel yourself in your body.


Cultivating a relationship with your body and knowing how you feel are the cornerstones to freedom!

The 5-step Process...
Meet Your Mentor...

Hellooo Sister...

We live in a noisy world, yet we are silenced in it!! I am here to tell you, I’m on a mission to change that!!

After a long battle with postnatal depression, (in silence) I rose up to be the woman I am today. It began when I stepped out of victimhood and stopped blaming the world for my reality!!


l began taking action, at a time when my husband and I were flat broke. I did it anyway even through I didn’t know how.

You have a choice to live a different reality. I chose to go back to school and completed my honours degree in psychology. I dived into the field of trauma. 

I held space for human beings who needed to be seen, heard and felt. While I loved witnessing this incredible transformation I was called to move in a different direction.

I became a red tent facilitator, holding space for women on a deeper level. I had experienced a disconnect with my daughter from postnatal depression and the work of the feminine healed the divide between us. 

Embodied dance was how I built a relationship with my body and the somatic processes opened my heart to truly feel, allowing me to express myself unapologetically. 

Feeling comfortable in my skin has empowered me to stand in my truth, no matter what the outside world projects onto me!!

I have forged a path of freedom for myself which enables me to create the reality I want to live in!!

The Journey...

My programmes are always practical they become embodied so that you don’t think about what you have learnt, you feel it!


Week 1: Hear me


It is time to clear the slate and release what no longer serves you. We chant, we shake and we move through a process to begin hearing yourself. Honour her for all she has done, forgive her for what you wanted her to do but she didn’t know how.

Week 2: See me

Now that you are clear let’s set your intention you have been called for a reason.

It is time to remember you have a body, we start connecting to her through body awareness and authentic movement.

Week 3: Feel me

You have developed awareness of yourself and you begin to feel yourself in your body. This week you awaken to body consciousness and practise energy awareness. The process of somatic experiencing begins to cultivate safety in your body.

Using your energy you begin self healing and creating emotional awareness.

Week 4: Touch me

Your heart is ready to be touched by you because you can feel everything around you. You begin connecting your heart to your womb through heart womb breath.

This focused on sensations and feelings, it’s important to develop an emotive vocabulary so we can communicate how we feel. Body sensations are used to help us identify the feeling in our body that our emotions gift us.

Week 5 - 7: Taste me

The foundations have been laid to embody a practise that develops your truth based on the 3 irrational beliefs of our suffering approval, judgement and comfort.


Each week we will dive into these beliefs so that you have a foundation for your truth. Remember you have your own flavour, your truth is unique to you this practise uses, meditation, journaling and embodiment which can be utilised long after you complete the program.


Week 8: Integration

Integration is a fundamental tool in order to embody your truth. We move through each truth practise and integrate our findings in order to finally feel connected to our body ready to speak our truth.

I know meditation can seem daunting so we have a meditation expert Charlene Sandstrom  joining us so that you can go deep into your practise and get the most out of it.

Oumayma Rose will add yoga nidra to your evening practise to take your practise a level deeper.

In the last week Hyno expert Katja Fornasiero joins us so that you can powerfully integrate all that you have learnt, it becomes a roadmap so that you are certain of feeling comfortable in your skin!

The Details:


  • Zoom calls are every week so that I can feel where you are in your journey

  • An exclusive facebook group to connect you to the sisterhood you are seeking

Start the new year feeling the magic of being comfortable in your skin

30th of May to 25th of July 2022.


once-off payment
3 monthly payments
Image by Inge Poelman

"Mary-Ann guided me into a beautiful journey that allowed me to unearth the inner wisdom within me, and acquire the tools to tap into it whenever I feel the need for it. Her guidance was very intuitive and compassionate, her energy so vibrant and contagious. I felt held and supported throughout the whole process, in a crucial time for me as I was about to start my own business. Her knowledge of somatic work and feminine embodiment are huge and thanks to her, I was able to launch my business in a calm, grounded and confident way and enrich my tool kit for my own personal well-being as well.."

Valerie Saune Gazzano - Yoga Studio Owner

"You brought me back from my underworld journey, helped me let go and heal. I can't believe the sincerity of it I am so deeply grateful. It was next level."

Jessi-Jayne Luna

Embodiment Facilitator and Artist


Together we will guide you back to your body, connected to your truth, inspired to live the reality you choose!

This is a life-changing journey!

Don't miss out, apply to book your call with me, so we can see where you are right now, and if this programme will be a good fit for you.

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