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 Awaken your winter goddess 

 Connect back to your feminine spirit through the body 


 23 - 25 NOVEMBER 2022  

REVEALED: Awaken your winter goddess by awakening and connecting to your womb!
Join me on a journey to discover your winter goddess!

A 3 day workshop to awaken your winter goddess.- Get Ready to activate & connect to your womb space, empower yourself with the knowledge of your winter season and meet the wise womban that lives within you. Embody everything you learn and rebirth your winter goddess to connect you back to your feminine spirit through your body - in this
3 Day workshop.

What you will get...

What if you could...

Understand how to look after your body during your winter season?

Connect to your own womb wisdom?

Let go of what no longer serves you?

Feel your feminine spirit within?

If any of the above resonates with you, then this workshop is definitely for you!

This is for you if...

You want to connect to your feminine spirit through your body..

Understand the winter season of your cycle.

You ready to call in the wise womban within!

3 DAY WORKSHOP 23 -25 November 2022

 10:10 - 12:12 AM  CET Daily

Connect and activate your womb space, help your body through your winter season and remember your feminine spirit!


Meet Your Host

Mary-Ann Illing:


She is an inspirational mentor on a mission to empower womben to connect back to their feminine spirit through their body so that they can BE the Queen of their castle!!!


Her journey has taken her from an honours degree in psychology, specialising in the field of trauma, to ancient wisdom to awaken your feminine power!

Her passion for the collective it what drives her to help  others heal from past and create a new path for future generations. She believes we have the right to be seen, heard and felt and the deep space she holds for others reflects this.

What people are saying...

Melody Wright, Founder of the Healing Tree

The Womb With Me course I attended with Mary-Ann for 9 months was life changing for me. I discovered more about myself, my femininity, and my body. As women we dont always understand how our cycles affect our moods and emotions, and we often repress traumas we have experienced. With Mary-Ann’s guidance and the support from other women in our group I was able to find healing and peace. I suffered with terrible PMS & painful periods all my life and I can now say that is something of the past, I was able to face my traumas head on and do the inner work required.  I will forever be grateful to have attended this course as the investment in myself is priceless.


Irianka, Social Worker

I am still on a high from your journey connecting to the goddess within. Her energy is really strong so I'm getting used to it and the wisdom that comes with it

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Julie De Lorenzo, Artist

Being held by Mary-Ann has had a beautifully profound effect on my life. Womb with me was a journey of self discovery and deep healing and has equipped me with tools and practices that enable me to access my own feminine wisdom. Mary-Ann supported me and gently guided me to reach my own power and to know and trust my intuition, to speak my truth and honour myself as a woman.


3 Day workshop -

23 - 25 November 2022 10:10 - 12:12 AM CET Daily

  You have the power to connect back to your feminine spirit!

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I Want to awaken my winter goddess.

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